September Deals

Carving Knife – $195.00
With daylight saving soon to be upon us, it is almost time to embrace the longer days and start up the BBQ.
The Eaglecut Carving Knife will perform your every carving requirement. Whether you are carving a lovely BBQ steak, rotisserie chicken or fresh New Zealand rack of lamb this sleek razor sharp blade will carve precise uniform cuts effortlessly.
Functional & fashionable, from the kitchen to the table the Eaglecut Carving Knife will never look at of place.

New Product Launch

Recently we replaced our traditional German sharpening steels with the latest in Ceramic Sharpening Rods.
Our recent trials have found that a Ceramic Rod is far superior to other sharpening steels. The Ceramic has similar qualities to a diamond steel but without the harsh abrasive characteristics and it has a much longer life span, there is also the added bonus that it doesn’t wear off as a diamond coating can.
Overall a ceramic rod will perform a lot better than a normal sharpening steel especially on harder steel knives. Ceramic rods are excellent for not just maintaining the edge of your knife but will actually sharpen it as well.

Purchase Here: Ceramic Sharpening Rod $67.00