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Eaglecut Pocket Knife

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A very classy, functional and strong pocket knife made of American Damascus steel. Grooved horn handle for a perfect grip. The blade hardness is over 60 HRC which means ‘great edge retention’. The lock-back function holds the blade securely in place. Can be used as a gentleman’s pocket knife, but also for heavier outdoor activities. Comes in a high quality black wooden gift box.

So lightweight & smooth, the Eaglecut range of knives feel like an extension of the hand, careful consideration was taken throughout the design process to ensure that each finished blade allowed for a strong, sleek, functional knife whilst delivering optimal balance & performance. The beautifully crafted Japanese VG-10 Damascus blade makes precision cutting feel so natural, Japanese VG-10 is world renowned for its ability to constantly deliver a fine precise cutting edge. Leading knife makers throughout the world consider VG-10 to have the perfect qualities for producing world class knives. To complement the blade, a stunning handle sculptured from the finest Pearl Black Spanish Micarta offers style, functionality, feel & good all round control. Micarta is a hygienic hardwearing material that retains a good grip regardless of the environment.


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